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Welcome to Mama Flegos Italian Restaurant

Mama Flegos Italian Restaurant is located in Okeechobee, Florida. We serve a wide variety of Italian cuisine that is truly delicious. The people of Okeechobee love to dine at our restaurant.  Once you visit our restaurant, we are sure you come back for more time and time again. We deliver fresh, hot, creamy, yummy Italian food that is cooked to perfection.

Special pasta services

Here, at Mama Flegos you get to taste hundreds of Italian dishes. You can just name any Italian food item, and we can make it for you. We have a list of daily specials in which, each day we offer you with a signature dish of the restaurant. You can come check it out and indulge yourself in the great taste.  Similarly, we have special lunch packages available Tuesday through Friday. To facilitate our customers, we are open for lunch as well as dinner.

We also provide free home, office delivery along with dine in and take away services. Call us now for our daily specials.

Mama Flegos Italian Restaurant